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Rocky & Helen's Testimony

Rocky and Helen Hulse of Mormon OutreachRocky was born a sixth generation Mormon and brought up in the faith. His father and mother were "Temple Mormons," being married in the Logan, Utah Temple. Born in California, Rocky’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona when he was five years old. He lived in and around the Phoenix area until he enlisted in the Navy in October 1973.

Helen was born in a non-church attending family in central California. She lived in California when she met Rocky in the summer of 1979. Helen was neither a Christian, nor an atheist, she simply didn't know or care one way or another, if there was or wasn't a God. Rocky was a member of his ship's (USS HOEL DDG-13) rodeo team and most of their dating revolved around rodeos and bull riding. Rocky took Helen with him to Phoenix on a trip to pick up a new truck and Helen was literally thrown out of his parents’ house because she was not a Mormon. Thus began Helen's introduction to Mormonism.

In July of 1980, Helen and Rocky were married against the wishes of his family and the Navy transferred them to the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area. When pressed by Rocky about his religion, Helen answered, "If or when, I should become interested in religion, your God will do." In July 1981, Helen and Rocky lost their first child in a pregnancy complication. At this time Rocky began in earnest to talk to Helen about Mormonism, as Mormon philosophy promotes the concept of being able to have and raise that lost child in the next life (Families are Forever). This idea appealed to Helen and she agreed to take the Mormon Missionary Lessons.

The Missionaries did their best providing the lessons and seeking Helen’s desire for baptism into the Mormon Church. Helen, however, did not merely receive the lessons and follow exactly the outlined program provided. She read the Bible extensively to gain the full context of the verses and was not satisfied with the proof-text explanations as detailed in the lessons. Helen subsequently would not agree to baptism and sought additional information about Mormonism. Her journey led her to a Christian bookstore (which she looked up in the yellow pages not knowing there even was such a thing as a Christian bookstore) and the clerk directing her to the cult section for information on Mormonism. This trip to the bookstore resulted in two things: the purchase of a book called "The Changing World of Mormonism" by Jerald and Sandra Tanner, and meeting a Christian woman by the name of Sandy Smith who the Lord would use instrumentally in Helen becoming a Christian.

The book "The Changing World of Mormonism" caused a major upheaval in Rocky and Helen’s home. Rocky viewed the material as "anti-Mormon" and nothing more than a complete pack of lies. The book is a significant study by the Tanner's on early Mormonism and the changes and alterations of Mormon doctrines and publications. This information convinced Helen that the Mormon Church was not the "only true church on the face of the earth" and persuaded her that indeed it was a false religion.

Sandy Smith invited Helen to attend Bible studies and church with her and in November of 1982 Helen was saved in Woodbridge, Virginia. Rocky was adamant that the Mormon Church was the only true church on the face of the earth and that Helen was wrong to have become a Christian instead of a Mormon. Rocky therefore set out to prove Helen was wrong.

Rocky and Helen were transferred by the Navy back to California, in October 1983, and were stationed in San Diego. Helen continued to attend various churches in the communities in which they lived; however, for the most part, Rocky refused to go. In 1985, while attending a rodeo, they heard of a Cowboy Church service to be held the following morning at the rodeo grounds, which they attended. At this service they met the cowboy preacher, Brent Smith, who invited them to attend Bible studies at his home. It was through these Bible studies and the "Cowboy Ministries" fellowship, that on New Year's Day 1986, Rocky was saved.

Rocky and Helen were active with "Cowboy Ministries" and attended Victory Chapel in El Cajon, California, until December 1989, when the Navy again transferred them to the Norfolk, Virginia area. Settling in Chesapeake, Virginia, Rocky and Helen attended "Chesapeake First Church of the Nazarene" until they moved to Virginia Beach in 1992. From then until transferring in May of 1995, they attended Calvary Chapel of Virginia Beach, and during this time frame they were certified as Level 1 Trainers with Precept Ministries of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This next transfer took them out of the country to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Rocky and Helen found a nice mixed congregation (about half military members and their families from the base and the other half local Puerto Ricans) off base in Ceiba and began attending Grace Bible Church in July of 1995. In December 1995, Rocky was asked to serve on the Elder's Board and served as an Elder until their transfer back to Norfolk in May 1998. In July of 1996 Rocky was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Safe Harbor Christian Servicemen's Center in Ceiba and served on the board until he and Helen’s return stateside.

Returning to Norfolk for sea duty aboard the USS BARRY DDG-52, Rocky and Helen again attended Calvary Chapel of Virginia Beach until Helen moved to their home in Berne, Indiana in December 1999 (this home in Indiana was purchased in 1994 looking forward to Rocky's retirement and setting up a Mormon Ministry servicing the Midwest) in anticipation of Rocky's pending deployment. Rocky deployed overseas to the Persian Gulf aboard BARRY and Helen attended Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene in Berne until September 2000, moving to Great Lakes, Illinois, commensurate with Rocky's new orders to Recruit Training Command. Rocky and Helen attended the base chapel at Naval Training Center until moving to Wever, Iowa, September 2001, to work in Mormon ministry.

In January 2002, Helen and Rocky submitted the paperwork with the State of Iowa and officially initiated “Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach, Inc.” The ministry the Lord gave them immediately took off and remained intensely busy. They conducted numerous seminars and Pastor’s Conferences at Christian Churches and began a weekly TV show “Truth Outreach,” on a local Christian TV station (WTJR Quincy, Illinois).

In August of 2003 Rocky was notified of a promotion to the rank of CWO5 (Chief Warrant Officer Five) and in January 2004 was transferred for duty onboard the aircraft carrier USS JOHN F KENNEDY CV-67 (JFK) in Mayport, Florida. The JFK deployed to the Persian Gulf on June 7, 2004 and returned to Mayport December 13, 2004. Upon Rocky’s return from the Gulf, Rocky and Helen began filming new TV shows (“Truth Outreach”) and once again began seminars in Christian churches to educate the Body of Christ concerning the false religion of Mormonism. In September 2005 they were selected to become the new Directors of the Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center (NCVC), which they “officially” began on October 24, 2005.

Rocky and Helen served at the NCVC until June of 2008. Family health issues caused them to resign allowing them to follow Biblical principles and take care of family. Rocky took no salary at NCVC and in order to provide financially for their extended family needs, Rocky had to go back to work. Moving first to California, the financial collapse there contributed to Rocky being hired by school principals only to be told by the Human Resource Offices that California schools were in a hiring freeze with no end in sight. These events led Rocky and Helen to Texas, which with a robust economy compared to the rest of the nation, hired Rocky immediately to teach Navy Junior ROTC in high school.

Teaching one year in Houston, an opening became available for a new program in the Austin area, and subsequently they have moved there and re-established their original ministry: Mormon Missions Midwest Outreach.


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When Salt Lake City CallsThis book examines the trustworthiness of Mormons in public office. Mormons in political campaigns for various offices have people asking the following questions: Can Americans trust Mormons in office? Is the Mormon Church the ultimate lobbyist? Could a Mormon in a governmental position of authority be forced by their religious beliefs to make a decision contrary to all reason, facts, or evidence? Do Mormons swear allegiance to their church, its prophets and apostles, their living oracles, and the priesthood power they hold? Rocky Hulse examines these issue in his new book When Salt Lake City Calls: Is There a Conflict Between Mormonism and the Public Trust?

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