Can Mormons Be Considered a Lost People Group

by Rocky Hulse

November 2005

     ABSOLUTELY!!  When we think of ‘Lost People Groups’ we tend to think of a new found tribe of people in the jungles of the Amazon, or people of a country that has had closed borders and a tyrannical government for centuries and the people have had no exposure to Christianity.  There is no doubt that these are lost people groups and we, the Body of Christ, need to reach out to them, that’s for sure; but, we tend to look past the obvious in our own backyards.
     The leaders of Mormonism control the Mormon people very closely.  Mormons are told what they can and cannot read, listen to, or view, with respect to information about Mormonism.  How do you control people and get them to believe what you want – control the press.  Alas, the beauty of our Constitution (Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment) – Freedom of the Press! 
     You may say “Mormons living in America or Europe certainly live under freedom of the press.”  They do; however, they don’t.  You’re right to say they live in a country that enjoys freedom of the press; however, within the confines of Mormonism, they do not have that freedom.  This article, “Can Mormons Be Considered a Lost People Group,” if seen lying on a Mormons’ end table in their living room, would be reported to their Bishop and they would be called into his office, reprimanded, directed to remove it from their home and counseled about having “Anti-Mormon” material in their possession.  If they did not remove it and stay away from such material, they could be formally disciplined by Mormon Leadership and excommunicated or disfellowshipped.
     Mormons are absolutely controlled in the information that they are exposed to concerning Mormonism; it’s no wonder they do not know the truth about the origins of their religion, or the truth about its doctrines.  The Mormon history that they are allowed to read has been rewritten to be “Faith Promoting” instead of being the truth.  Mormons are a lost people group – not because of their physical location on this earth, but because of Mormonism’s absolute control of what Mormons read and hear about their religion.