Mormonism and the Anti-Black Doctrine! Pt 2

by Rocky Hulse

Taken from the Midwest Expositor Newsletter January 2004 by Rocky Hulse

Last newsletter we looked at the ‘History’ of the Mormon Doctrine concerning Africans.  In this newsletter we will look at the ‘Doctrine’ and in the next two, we will cover the Contradictions and the Denial.

Again, let me say right up front there are parts of this information that are quite inflammatory, and downright derogatory towards anyone who is not white.  I will use the term “negro,” often during this newsletter.  I’m not using it to offend anyone, it is simply the term used in the majority of the quotes, as it was the vernacular of the day.

Please don’t get mad at the messenger, me.  I will simply do what we always do, in all facets of this ministry: Accurately and truthfully document all that we present. 

In the last newsletter we laid out quotes showing the history behind the Mormon doctrinal belief: those of African decent are an inferior race, cursed with a black skin because of their actions in a previous life, were not entitled to the rights and blessings of Mormonism, and that this restriction would remain until this earth was long over.  Contradicting their doctrine and numerous ‘Prophets and Apostles’, whom Mormons belief to be ‘oracles’ of God, the Mormon Church reversed “God’s Law” and the restriction was removed in 1978.


Let’s look as some Doctrine;

“From the days of the Prophet Joseph even until now, it has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by any of the Church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel.”  (Letter of LDS First Presidency to Dr. Lowery Nelson, July 17, 1947, quoted in Mormonism and the Negro, pages 42 and 43)

Remember, the “First Presidency” is the absolute top leadership body of the Mormon Church.  It is comprised of the ‘Prophet and his 1st and 2nd Counselors’.  Directly behind these three men are the 12 Apostles.  All fifteen men are revered in Mormonism as the “Oracles of God” on earth, which we documented in the last newsletter.

This doctrine that blacks are inferior has its roots in the Mormon unique doctrine of man’s pre-existence.  Let’s look at that Mormon unique belief.  The second Mormon ‘Prophet’, Brigham Young, said on December 28, 1862:

There never was a time when man did not exist, and there never will be time when he will cease to exist.  Eternity is without confines, and all things animate and inanimate have their existence in it.  The Priesthood of God, that was given to the ancients and is given to men in the latter-days, as co-equal in duration with eternity—is without beginning of days or end of life.  It is unchangeable in its system of government and its Gospel of salvation.  It gives to Gods and angels their supremacy and power, and offers wealth, influence, posterity, exaltations, power, glory, kingdoms and thrones, ceaseless in their duration, to all who will accept them on the terms upon which they are offered.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol 10, p. 5)

As you can see from this quote, Brigham Young brought forward some strange teachings that are totally foreign to the Bible and are “Anti-Christian":

  1. That man existed eternally
  2. The ‘priesthood’ of God given to man in the latter-days, is what makes man co-equal with God
  3. The ‘priesthood’ of Mormonism gives to Gods and angels their supremacy and power
  4. For those who accept this Mormon Priesthood, it offers them wealth, influence, posterity, exaltations, power, glory, kingdoms and thrones


Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt taught extensively on the Mormon unique doctrine of a pre-earth life:

“I have already told you that the spirits of men and women, all had a previous existence, thousands of years ago, in the heavens, in the presence of God; and I have already told you that among them are many spirits that are more noble, more intelligent than others, that were called the great and mighty ones, reserved until the dispensation of the fulness of times, to come forth upon the face of the earth, through a noble parentage that shall train their young and tender minds in the truths of eternity…” (Journal of Discourses Vol 1, pp. 62-63, August 29, 1852)


In a nutshell, let me briefly describe the Mormon doctrine of pre-existence:

Mormonism teaches that anyone who ever has, or ever will, live on this earth existed in a pre-existent life prior to coming to earth.  This doctrine states that we all existed eternally as pure intelligence.  Then through a celestial marital relationship between our polygamous God father and one of his many wives, our ‘pure intelligence’ was converted into a ‘spiritual’ pregnancy in our God mother.  Nine months later we, all humans born on this earth, were born as spirit babies into the ‘pre-existence’.

We grew up to adult spirit hood in the ‘pre-existence’ and progressed as far as we could as spirits; then something had to be done, as we could progress no further as spirits.  We needed a mortal body to continue our progression to ‘Godhood’.  So, Mormon theology says a “Council of the Gods” was convened, and all the ‘great ones’ were there: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Jesus and even Lucifer – yes in Mormonism Lucifer was a God.

The “Council of the Gods” convened to decide what to do with all of God’s spirit children.  Lucifer stood up and addressed the council and proposed a plan where an earth would be created for the spirit children to go and get their mortal bodies.  He, Lucifer, would go to earth and usher all of God’s children through life and not allow them to sin.  For his efforts, he believed he should receive all the glory for doing this.  When he had finished, he sat down.

Then Elohim, the Mormon name for the head God of this earth, called on Lucifer’s brother to address the council.  His name is Jesus.  Yes in Mormonism, Lucifer and Jesus are brothers.  Jesus proposed a plan to build an earth for God’s spirit children to come to and receive their mortal bodies; however, he proposed that man should be given ‘free-agency’ to live life as he saw fit.  Man could follow God or live a life of sin.  Jesus proposed that he would come to earth and die for the sin of man, for those who would repent, so they could come and live with their ‘Father God’ again. 

Elohim accepted Jesus’ plan.  This made Lucifer furious and he rebelled against God and started a war in heaven.  When the war was over, one third of all the ‘spirit children’, including Lucifer, were cast out of heaven and destined to become the devil and his demons here on earth.

Your performance in the ‘pre-existence’ and how valiant you were in the war in heaven, determined your status of birth in this life.  The more valiant in heaven, the whiter your skin color.  The most valiant were reserved to be born white and born into a Mormon home on this earth.  The more pigmentation in your skin the less valiant you were in heaven.  Mormon teaching is that Blacks sided with Lucifer but didn’t actually fight with him; therefore, they were not kicked out of heaven but, were cursed with a black skin and were denied the future privilege on earth of receiving the Mormon Priesthood.


 Let’s look at a statement by Mormon Apostle Melvin J. Ballard.  Remember, as an Apostle in Mormonism, he has the “right, the power and authority to declare the mind and will of God”…

“Now, my brothers and sisters, I would like you to understand that long before we were born into this earth we were tested and tried in our pre-existence and the fact that of the thousands of children born today, a certain proportion of them went to the Hottentots of the south seas, thousands went to the Chinese mothers, thousands to Negro mothers, thousands to beautiful white Latter-day Saint mothers.  Why this difference?  You cannot tell me that the entire group was just designated, marked, to go where they did.  That they were men and women of equal worthiness.  There are no infant spirits born.  They had a being ages before they come into this life.  They appear in infant bodies, but they were tested, proven souls.  Therefore, I say to you that long before we came into this life all groups and races of men existed as they exist today.  Like attracts to like.   Why is it in this Church we do not grant the priesthood to the Negroes?  It is alleged that the Prophet Joseph said--and I have no reason to dispute it--that it is because of some act committed by them before they came into this life.  It is alleged that they were neutral, standing neither for Christ nor the devil.  But, I am convinced it is because of some things they did before they came into this life that they have been denied the privilege.  The races of today are very largely reaping the consequences of a previous life.” (Three Degrees of Glory, pp. 21-22)

Mormon authors Lester Bush and Armand Mauss, in their book “Neither White Nor Black” discuss the compromise of 10th Mormon Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith on the varying Mormon doctrine on what constituted the curse on the Negroes:

The Way to Perfection seemingly reconciled these two positions. Treading a fine line, Apostle Smith distinguished between the neutrality condemned by Brigham Young and another condition comprised of those "who did not stand valiantly," who "were almost persuaded, were indifferent, and who sympathized with Lucifer, but did not follow him." The "sin" of this latter group "was not one that merited the extreme punishment which was inflicted on the devil and his angels. They were not denied the privilege of receiving the second estate but were permitted to come to the earth-life with some restrictions placed upon them. That the negro race, for instance, have been placed under restrictions because of their attitude in the world of spirits, few will doubt." (Lester Bush & Armand Mauss, Neither White Nor Black, pp. 87-88)


This, and the last newsletter, have outlined the fact that Mormonism teaches that their Prophets, his Counselors, and the Twelve Apostles are God’s direct oracles on earth and have special power and authority to ‘speak the mind and will of God’.

Joseph Smith, the first Mormon Prophet, taught that “Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel.”  (Remember, gospel means “Mormonism”)  Mormon Apostle Melvin J. Ballard taught the reasons Negroes could not hold the Mormon Priesthood was because of “some act committed by them before they came into this life.”  He went on to say “The races of today are very largely reaping the consequences of a previous life.” 

Finally we saw that the 10th Mormon Prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith, in his book “The Way To Perfection” based the Mormon Anti-Black Doctrine on the teaching that the Negroes were sympathetic to Lucifer’s cause in the Pre-existence and therefore were cursed with a black skin in this life and denied the opportunity to hold the Mormon Priesthood.